We, organize every tour based on “Eco – Tourism” principles and practices. You will help to support local villagers, visit unspoiled and beautiful places, receive our knowledge of the local culture and environment and help reduce our impact on nature and the environment by promoting these values on our tours.
              I am “Kitty” The Company’s owner.  I guided every tour myself since I began the company in 2006. I graduated from Maejo University’s Eco – Tourism Development Program with knowledge in Biology, Ecology and Botany. Therefore you can be sure that during the tour you will learn lots about our nature including the unique and fascinating culture and history of Thailand. 
              We do every tour by ourselves with a very small exclusive group of only 2-8 people. 
              We provide a full or a half day biking, jungle trekking, caving, bamboo rafting, white water rafting, temple tour, canoeing and all kind of nature exploring. 
             For our elephant bathing tours, we will only take you to the place which really belongs to the local people, who do not offer riding and take very good care                   their elephants with   love. We do not support mass tourism and animal cruelty through our tours.

            The Phang Nga Bay tour (James Bond Island), we will do early bird tour, start very early in the morning to avoid the crowed, which you can indulge the                   spectacular view of Phang Nga Bay. We also don’t serve lunch at Panyee Fishing village because there is overloaded of mass tourist.

                We will use only refillable bottles for drinking water on my tour, to reduce the impact of single time use plastic bottles on the environment to help save our beautiful planet.
                I really hope you understand my purpose in doing this and will also help me to reduce greenhouse effect. 
                We have a water purification station at the office, so you can be sure that our drinking water is clean and safe!!! 
                If you prefer, we would also encourage you to please bring along your own bottle that we will refill for you. 
              Thank you very much, 
              Your thoughtful Kitty 🙂

“Biking a day kicks the doctor away”